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July Press Review


Biden’s new immigration plan: How will it work?

19 June 2024


Just ahead of the United States Presidential election, which will take place in November of 2024, U.S. President Joe Biden has released a new plan regarding immigration policies. With immigration being a hot topic of concern in the United States, many suspect Joe Biden has made this policy suggestion just ahead of the election to secure more votes against his opponent, Donald Trump. Under Biden’s new policy, undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens will be able to claim lawful residency while staying in the United States. The offering of this status will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and involve strict guidelines. The DHS requires that the spouse has been living in the U.S. for a minimum of ten years and has not posed any threat to national security. Before the implementation of this policy, migrant spouses were forced to go back to their home country to claim residency in a new country, often facing dangerous conditions and the threat of never returning to their families in the United States.

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U.S. offers deportation relief to further 309,000 Haitians

28 June 2024


The safety and well-being of Haitians are constantly at risk, with gang violence and political distress taking over the nation. In an attempt to assist Haiti, the United States has offered deportation relief to migrants who need refuge from countries experiencing conflict, natural disasters, and distress. Under President Biden, there has been much more freedom regarding immigration and opportunities within the United States, influencing many to go to the U.S. in search of refuge and safety. The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) provides deportation relief and includes work permits for immigrants fleeing conflict in their home countries. Under President Biden, TPS will be expanded for Haitian immigrants, allowing them to live safely on U.S. soil while conflict persists in Haiti. Many suspect Biden is implementing many new immigration policies, due to the upcoming 2024 Presidential election which will be held in November. President Biden and Former President Trump constantly face opposing views on the topic of immigration in the United States, making is a complex issue within the upcoming election. 

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At least 11 dead and 64 missing in shipwrecks off Italy

18 June 2024

NBC News

As migrants take on the dangerous journey from the Middle East to Italy, safety concerns arise with some refugees often facing death. Shipwrecks continue to be found near the coast of Italy,  with many migrants who are trapped or die before they safely arrive in Europe. Sixty four people were reported missing in the Mediterranean seas following the shipwrecks, with at least eleven people dead. In one of the crashes, rescue workers helped evacuate suspected migrants and ended up finding ten dead bodies trapped below the deck of the boat. When the boat was found, it was flooded with water and rescue personnel were able to save fifty one people, two of whom were unconscious and one ended up passing away once they got to shore. The migrants found were from Iran, Syria and Iraq, suspected to be fleeing their countries in search of safety and refuge in Europe. Migrants who face cruel conditions and danger in their home countries continue to risk their lives in hope for safety within Europe. 

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Greek coastguard accused of throwing migrants overboard to their deaths

17 June 2024 


The Greek coastguard is being accused of facilitating the violence and deaths of African migrants crossing the Mediterranean by boat. Over forty migrants have died due to the Greek coastguard's actions, including forcing damaged ships to go back to sea and, according to eyewitnesses, pushing nine migrants overboard into the water. It has been found that over forty migrants have died due to the Greek coastguard's actions between 2020 and 2023. Migrants continuously report mistreatment by Greek coastguards, such as being thrown into the water when close to shore. Greece is a popular destination for migrants fleeing conflict in North Africa; typically, migrants depart from Libya and make the journey through the Mediterranean.

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Conflicts making migrant routes in Sahel more dangerous, says UN

5 June 2024


The UN warns of increased migration, as conflict grows in Sudan and people seek refuge in nearby sub-Saharan nations or in Europe. The route is dangerous, having to make a journey through desert or by choppy waters in the Mediterranean sea. Nations worry due to the lack of resources that will be available for the influx of migrants traveling for safety. It is also reported that many migrants underestimate the dangers of the desert, with many falling victim to assault and sexual violence. Humanitarian actors attempt to provide services within remote locations that many migrants cross in, but most of the humanitarian aid is located in major cities. Remote areas are not as welcoming to the help of humanitarian aid, because many do not want them present, or humanitarian workers are at risk of danger. 108.4 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. Most refugees are hosted by low and middle-income countries, there needs to be a solution to help support the migrants on the move. 

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BMA warns it will not tolerate illegal immigrants

5 June 2024

South African Government News Agency

Dr Michael Massipato, emphasizes a strong warning to travelers who are acting against the South African immigration act. The immigration act provides the laws and regulations in regards to people migrating into South Africa and how it will impact their opportunities and status within the country. On June 4th, the BMA reported that up to 25 travelers were attempting to come into South Africa through the OR Tambo International airport. These 25 travelers were caught and deported by officials. Most of the travelers had fake visitor visas, allowing them easy access into South Africa. Due to the catching of these 25 illegal travelers, the BMA has announced their plan to increase regulations and restrictions within traveling, The BMA has been celebrated by South African government officials in their work with protecting traveling ports from migrants. But, due to the instances of catching many migrants with fake visas, the BMA is planning to increase their number of officials and deploy them to various ports around South Africa. 

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Meet SA's new cabinet

30 June 2024

South African Government News Agency

After a historical election, President Cyril Ramaphosa has officially announced his new cabinet members. With the South African coalition, more parties will have a say in the policy making of South African laws. Eleven parties were announced within the cabinet, allowing for representation of more South African parties within the elections. There have also been some shifts within national government portfolios and the ways in which ministries are separated or combined. For example, the ministry of electricity and energy will be merged together, but the Ministry of Mineral and Petroleum Resources will be divided. Certain ministry divisions will be separated or divided in an effort to keep decision making more productive and civil. Ramaphosa also intends for the separation to help with focusing on specific key issues that need to be addressed sufficiently. To see the full list of cabinet members and their roles, click on the link below. 

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Written By: Paige Poulin


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