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MIGRANT CHILDREN - Access to education as a fundamental right for every child, yet in practice is it applicable for unaccompanied migrant minors?

Nov 23, 2021
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Access to the health system, protection of their lives, respect for their privacy, identity and adequate food are some of the rights contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). Although not all countries have ratified the convention after signing it, it is true that the concern for the general welfare of children is established as a key point in the construction of more inclusive and just societies. However, it is also important to...

Analysing the Complexities of the Case Management of Unaccompanied Minors from the point of view of social workers at the Polokwane Child and Youth Care Centres

Nov 02, 2021
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Social intervention with minors generally requires a more sensitive and comprehensive approach due to the special vulnerability of this segment of the population. The protection and care of minors is a delicate process. This is why the work structured around achieving a balance in the different areas of children's vital development is of great importance. If we add the migratory element to this special vulnerability, we can affirm that a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach most likely will be...

Economic and Risk Perceptions Motivating Illegal Migration Abroad: Port Harcourt City Youths, Nigeria

Oct 26, 2021
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The latest edition of the African Human Mobility Review (AHMR) can now be found online on SIHMA’s website. The peer-reviewed journal contains five papers related to migration in Africa. This article will address the topic in one of the journal’s papers, entitled ‘Economic and Risk Perceptions Motivating Illegal Migration Abroad: Port Hartcourt City Youths, Nigeria’ [1]. The paper’s main objective is to “…investigate and understand the economic and risk perceptions that motivate Port Harcourt City (PHC) youths to...

SIHMA’s New Partner in Sierra Leone

Oct 12, 2021
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For SIHMA, involvement in projects across the African Continent in different areas related to migration is always a source of new perspectives, different working models and enriching humanitarian collaborations. Understanding the different personal contexts of each migrant is important when developing protection and intervention projects with the most vulnerable populations. For this reason, SIHMA's collaboration with different institutions seeks to reinforce the fabric of stability and development that all social actors are working to build. Although... Image 2021-10-08 at 20.11.24.jpeg

107th World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Sep 28, 2021
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Human mobility is as old as human existence, with people moving from one place to the other for a myriad of reasons premised on the push and pull factors of mobility. While some move voluntarily from one country to another, others are forced to flee their home country to escape violence and persecution. With changes in world politics, ever-increasing political tensions, climate change, diseases, and globalization together with advances in communication and transportation, the world is experiencing an...

Heritage Day 2021

Sep 21, 2021
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Happy Heritage Day!   Heritage Day is celebrated on 24 September every year, to recognize and remember the culturally diverse population in South Africa. This is a day where all South Africans can come together and celebrate the diversity of cultures, identities, ethnicities, and races in the country. In other words, celebrate the diversity that is the heritage of South Africa. Heritage can in this context be defined as “the shared characteristics, traditions, practices,... Day 2021.png