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Considering South African Domestic Remittances in the Direction of a Legal and Regulatory Framework

Jul 20, 2021
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SIHMA had the opportunity to read and reflected on an article entitled Towards a Legal and Regulatory Framework for South African Domestic Remittances: Some Considerations by Vivienne Lawack. The article looks at the results of an exploratory study conducted by Vivienne Lawack and is published in the newest edition of SIHMA and UWC’s collaborative peer review journal the AHMR.  The study examined the legal and regulatory framework for domestic remittances within the South African legal context and provides recommendations for future policy objectives.  Globally,... N1:2021 COVER.jpg

Remittances and economic growth: Evidence from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

Jan 06, 2021
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There has, in recent years, been a growing consensus amongst migration scholars and economists around the connection between diaspora and economic development. Yet, only a few studies have actually examined this connection, and their results have not always been conclusive. In our latest edition of the African Human Mobility Review, a joint effort with the University of Western Cape, we published Mulatu F. Zerihun’s research paper titled “Remittances and Economic Growth: Evidence from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda”...

Whose Agenda? Bottom up Positionalities of West African Migrants

Jun 13, 2017
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The article summarized below, “Whose Agenda? Bottom up Positionalities of West African Migrants in the Framework of European Union Migration Management” was originally authored by Lothar Smith and Joris Schapendonk from Radboud University (Netherlands) and published by the Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa (SIHMA). In an attempt to stem the influx of African migrants towards the shores of Europe, the European Union has launched numerous initiatives to boost economic...