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Labour-related experiences of migrants and refugees in South Africa

Migration continues to be one of the persistent issues globally with large numbers of people migrating everyday for various reasons. Of the drivers of migration, the need for better economic opportunities remains one of the major drives. Even if a person is pushed to migrate because of other factors such as war, to ensure sustainability and integration one needs to have a livelihood strategy mostly through employment or business. However, the rights of migrant workers continue to be an area of concern with many being exploited and abused as a result of many intersectional factors such as migration status, nationality, level of education and lack of protection from the law and from the officials only to mention a few.

This week we would like you to check one of our past research reports that focus on the labour-related experiences of migrants and refugees in South Africa which was conducted under ICMC project entitled, “The future of work”. Through this report SIHMA documents the employment and working conditions of migrants and refugees in Cape Town. This research also examined the drivers of migration and the experiences faced by mi[1]grants in South Africa, including nativist violence and resentment. The report highlighted the gap between just and humane policies, and current realities. The findings and information drawn, and recommendations borne out of the research are essential to improve the dire circumstances for migrants working or seeking to work in South Africa.

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