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We care for Climate: A training for Youth

In October 2023 the Pastoral Office for Migrants will be hosting a “Welcome Festival” of Turin which SIHMA will be part of, thanks to the call from the youth of ASCS (Scalabrini Agency for Development Cooperation). The event is part of the “Mindchangers project” launched by the Piedmont region, in the Northwest of Italy.

The collaboration between ASCS and SIHMA will be concretised in a Webinar addressed to an audience of young people from Piedmont, interested in human mobility, human rights, and social activism. Father Filippo Ferraro will present on African migration, with a particular focus on climate change as a contributor to migration. The topic is under explored for the youth living in Chieri, an area for years with migration concerning Italy and Europe. For some years, a group of young volunteers from Chieri has been organising events on the topic of human mobility: movie screenings or theatre festivals, training sessions and dialogue meetings. Given the special commitment in this area, two years ago ASCS opened an operational office in Piedmont, entirely managed and led by youth. The work is aimed at raising young people's awareness of human mobility and welcoming: volunteers run workshops in schools, organizing training meetings, and camps where they support and share the life condition of migrants.

This year, the youth committee took part in a call for proposals from the Piedmont region with the project "We care for climate" including a set of activities aimed at raising awareness and stimulating youth on the topic of human mobility and climate change. The challenge is to propose, throughout 2023, a series of activities, meetings and events in collaboration with different stakeholders: the Desk for pastoral care of migrants in Turin, the local Fridays for Future, SIHMA, the Climate Yes Network and the municipality of Chieri. The project includes many activities, such as volunteering work experiences in Oulx, a border territory, and Cuneo, an area where migrants are exploited for work; training sessions on migration, a training course for international volunteering, and three appointments for the Welcoming Festival. A Webinar organized with the Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa will also be hosted. The group of participants will gather in person in Chieri and will connect with Father Filippo Ferraro from SIHMA who will illustrate climate and migration on the African continent. The face-to-face meeting will be led by Andrea Borgo, an ASCS volunteer and PhD student in agrometeorology at the University of Sassari.  At the end data and information on the African continent from a different perspective will be shared and a debate will be hosted led by Andrea among participants to encourage personal involvement in the topics previously addressed.

The involvement of SIHMA in the event comes from the desire of the youth in Chieri to learn more about African migration, which often remains cut off due to a Eurocentric view of the migratory phenomenon. Furthermore, the connection between human mobility and climate change looks very actual and intriguing, since it’s becoming more and more evident with the passing of time.


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