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What it means to be a refugee? (Narrative from the media)

When I clicked the mouse on Berti and Borgman’s TED-Ed Talk What it means to be a refugee, I did not expect the electrifying play of shadows and smudges of charcoal figures in a jagged march across the beach on my screen. I heard haunting music, I saw hunched shoulders of people and vultures, I saw journeys presented as a maze which collapsed on people walking, and I saw drawings of people being erased on the screen. As I sat watching the film, it was forcing my senses and imagination to journey with the millions of anonymous travellers, who sometimes don't even know their own destinations.


The educational purpose of this five-minute film directed by Biljana Labovic is to explain graphically what the words are that the world needs to speak of, for and about refugees. The five minutes spent watching this riveting and gorgeously artful film is indeed a lesson worth sharing, to borrow the TED-Ed motto. It might even be worth interrupting one’s next dinner party to share with friends.


To watch the film, click:



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