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SIHMA Annual Report 2020

SIHMA’s annual report for 2020 has now been released with information about the organisation and its activities from 2019 to 2020. The report covers SIHMA’s four key focus areas, namely Research; Publications; Training and Capacity Building; and Events, as well as more general information about the organisation and its work. You can find a link to an online version of the report at the bottom of this page. 

"We have spent a year behind the screen, as the cover image of this report suggests. The inability to hold in-person events and the exponential development of new technologies pushed many organizations, including us, to find or consolidate new ways of working. Webinars, desktop research and virtual collaborations have allowed us to continue our activities. Remote internships, while not enabling all the rich, human exchanges of teamwork in the office, have allowed us to stay in touch with many people in every corner of the globe, developing the content and strategy of our communication. We, virtual migrants, have investigated the lives, the needs and the routes of the lived, life experience of people on the move who, despite the situation, have also found new ways to get around. This report collects the fruit of this intense year of work. This year we have often been behind a screen, but always within the reality of human mobility."

Message from the Director

Last year’s events and activities were deeply affected by the pandemic and the organisation has therefore had to adapt to the situation by organizing and participating in Webinars and virtual events. SIHMA co-organized or supported the following events and webinars:

  • A call for Reasonableness, Support and Amnesty for Asylum Seekers
  • The “Other” Peoples Film Festival
  • Responding to COVID-19
  • “One Stop Boarder Post” and “The Official Identity Management Policy” of DHA

Additionally, SIHMA had the opportunity to participate in many exciting webinars, and virtual seminars and conferences. Several of these covered different topics on the recent challenge with Covid-19 and migration, while others included economic migration, citizenship and statelessness in South African law, and the UN Convention against transnational crime, to mention a few. 

Furthermore, the annual report gives an overview of research and publications in 2020. This includes research blog posts, articles, briefing papers, and reports, as well as academic articles in our peer-reviewed on-line journal, African Human Mobility Review (AHMR). 

Lastly, SIHMA had the pleasure of welcoming six remote interns from around the world to our team throughout the year. We would like to use this opportunity to thank Felipa Schmidt, Nell Fredricks, Jeremiah Masaya, Nolwenn Marconnet, Christine Lalor and Ginevra Gianardi for their much-appreciated contributions to our work.  


Click here to read the full report.




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