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Reflection of 2021 from the SIHMA Health Centre Administrator

I joined in August 2021. The last few months has taught me many new things. Exciting, scary, and challenging to say the least were the emotions felt through these months.

Getting the doctors and nurses together for the health screening campaign and trying to schedule their times, made me realize just how much how doctors and nurses offer up as frontline workers especially in this time of this pandemic.

It also made me realize the selflessness of these doctors and nurses when they provided me with their schedules and availability for the Health centre. It showed me that although they work those long hours they were willing to come and give 2-3 hours at the centre as well.

In the process of doing the registration there is a form that is needed called RWOPS (Remuneration for Work Outside of Practice).  This letter the Government hospitals does not provide this at all,  as they feel that doctors and nurses would spend more of their time at the place that is paying them, as well as that this would place them at risk.

This proves that doctors and nurses are not always readily available to give of themselves and this free. That is why the Government did not know how to deal with this request and did not know how to manage this process as this is something that does not happen.  As a centre we are in a very fortunate position as we have five doctors providing their time, and four nurses just there available saying use me.

For the campaign, we needed to get additional equipment for the screening. This was because we were going to see many clients at one go and we were prepared for a lot less. These doctors and nurses graciously blessed us with that which was necessary. This was also due to level of respect they were given by the staff of SIHMA. The Staff ensured that all that was needed was at their exposure. Their time was valued as the staff of SIHMA made sure they were there earlier then everyone else. Tea and coffee beverages were provided so show our appreciation.

The team of Onesight received the very same warm welcome, all the partners expectations were met, if not exceeded. The bookings that they were requested was done and all the data captured and sent through timeously.

Furthermore, tasks assigned to the team on the three days were each performed with excellence and deadlines for the data capturing were met every day.

For the events the Health centre reached out to organisations such as Cathca, Caritha and Beinvenu Shelter to have them take advantage of the initiatives taking place.

So looking back, this has been a good year, with lots of benefactors benefiting from the campaigns. The mandate that was given was well executed.


2022 Vision

We want to drive a healthy and happy mind-set in people. Eradicating the poverty mind-set of people. That they will not be looking at only avenues of getting assistance but to become the assistance needed.

Research, research, research is the prime focus that we will be focusing on. So be it in the General Health Hospitals, Mental Institutes, Hospices, Rehab centres every avenue will be researched to see the huge gap that is being experienced between locals and refugees and migrants. Through our research, we will be able to establish the urgent and important needs of the people. One of the things would be that the unfair practices towards foreigners and refugees would be challenged. Embassies will be challenged through this. In cases where there is insufficient funding from local government, Embassies will have to seek the funding from their countries to make certain services available.

Teenage Pregnancy, Malnutrition, hunger, victims of GBV and Human Trafficking are all areas that will be researched and the research will be done to begin to minimize this.

Our hope is that we will be able to do this one-step at a time.



by Dhano Letchman

St. Patrick La Rochelle Health Centre Administrator





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