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C7 Highlights the Importance of Human Mobility at G7 Summit

This year the Group of Seven, otherwise known as the G7, celebrated 50 years of their annual summit in Italy. Consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States of America, the G7 summit created an opportunity to share policy recommendations that can resolve issues impacting the world. Key interest groups attend the G7 summit in order to participate in dialogue with these seven countries.

The C7, otherwise known as the Civil Seven is an interest group where civil society organizations and actors worldwide can address global issues. This year, the C7 presented a framework that addressed human mobility and migration in order to highlight the necessity for new policies that can protect migrant safety.

The C7’s solution is to manage migration through a long term approach, not based on an emergency approach. By explaining current issues, C7 brought awareness to a variety of complex issues regarding human mobility. The C7 actively discussed issues such as, ensuring safety and regular migration, establishing cooperative migration governance, investing in countries of origin and transit and supporting low income countries of destination.

In terms of development, the C7 explained how migration can be beneficial in assisting with economic prosperity in countries of immigration. However, they also highlight how emigration can perpetuate poverty within countries of origin. It is important to understand the benefits and challenges that human mobility can produce for both the individual and nation. By recognizing that human mobility can benefit and harm, it is clear that both the individual and the nation's success are at stake.

With the continual rise of human migration throughout the world, it is crucial to bring awareness to the safety and success of migrants. The C7’s input intends to highlight a possible solutions for the 280 million people that are on the move globally.

Read the Civil 7 Comunique 2024 Report here:


Written by: Paige Poulin


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