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Africa Day 2023

Photo by Ian Scheneider on Unsplash


Africa Day falls on 25th May each year, with celebration events to mark the day around the country. Africa Day was established by the African Union and aims to celebrate African diversity and success and the cultural and economic potential of the continent. In Ireland, events to mark Africa Day are supported by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Government’s programme for overseas development.

When the Organisation of African Unity (later the African Union) was established on 25 May 1963, it was an ambitious project, born while much of the African continent was in the firm grip of colonialism. It set up for itself what seemed like an impossible task at the time, which was to free Africa of all forms of colonialism and set up sovereign and independent states.

The purpose of setting a day aside to celebrate this unique moment in history is to focus our attention on the continued, collective struggle against adversity and the unique ways African countries have united to overcome these present obstacles and those to come. It is also an opportunity to reflect on Africa’s unique legacy, cultural history, and resources.




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