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Exploring Small Business Development using the Area Sector Analysis Process (ASAP) - UPDATE

Sep 20, 2022
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A research opportunity allowed Prajna Naidoo to pursue an experience as an intern at the Scalabrini Center in Cape Town (SCCT) to understand the inner workings of the Employment Access Business Development Program and its clients, in pursuit of her degree. Below are the preliminary results of her research:  Introduction and Purpose: Reviewing the Small Business Development course curriculum, grant application process, mentorship strategies, and digital literacy course has given this...

Climate Change and Migration in Africa

Sep 13, 2022
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Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash Whereas migration is inherently defined by borders, climate change, and its impact materialize without respect for borders. Climate change is defined by the intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as any change in climate over time, whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity. However, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) intricately links climate change to human activity. The UNFCCC defines climate change as the change of...

August 2022 - Press Review

Sep 08, 2022
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Photo by Hatice Yardim on Unslpash NATIONAL: Local Church to Foster Migrants, Refugees’ Dignity: Religious Superior Visiting S. Africa 12/08/2022 On a canonical visit to South Africa, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles (Scalabrinians) stated that it is the Church’s responsibility, as well as everyone else, to welcome refugees and migrants by protecting them and promoting their dignity. The Superior General also praised the Southern African Catholic...

Brilliant's Internship Reflection

Sep 06, 2022
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Hello everyone! My name is Brilliant Fane, and I am from Botswana. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in African Development Policy at the Pennsylvania State University. Before I started my internship with SIHMA, I always had a deep passion for African issues ranging from development, education and other social issues like poverty. This passion steered my choice of major for my undergraduate degree. For my bachelor’s degree, I majored...

AHMR Volume 8 Number 2 May - August 2022

Aug 30, 2022
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The African Human Mobility Review (AHMR) is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed on-line journal created to encourage and facilitate the study of all aspects (socio-economic, political, legislative and developmental) of human mobility in Africa. Through the publication of original research, policy discussions and evidence-based research papers, the AHMR provides a comprehensive forum devoted exclusively to the analysis of contemporaneous trends, migration patterns and some of the most important migration-related issues. The journal is accessible on-line at no charge. AHMR is jointly owned... volume 8 number 2 May-Aug 2022 COVER.jpg

Female Migration and Gender-Based Violence

Aug 23, 2022
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Gender-based violence is a growing social concern within most societies, and women are mostly the victims. With the growing feminization of migration, women migrants are at a higher risk of experiencing GBV. Migration and gender are two aspects that interact and impact one another. Depending on their unique features and circumstances, migrants may experience both positive and negative outcomes from migration. Similarly, a person's gender affects how they experience migration, including the dangers and vulnerabilities associated with their journey....