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Uncrowned: The rise and fall of Isabel Dos Santos

Jan 29, 2020
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Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of ex-Angolan president José Eduardo Dos Santos, is actually being investigated for illegal transactions and corruption. She was known as the African Queen, the richest woman in the continent: a true self-made businesswoman, in her own words. For 37 years, while her father ruled Angola, she held the top positions in the statal trade of diamonds and oil and became on of the most influential people in and outside Africa. Following a well-established system of kleptocracy...

A new year... and a new colleague!

Jan 23, 2020
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2020 has officially begun, and we wish everyone a very happy new year! At SIHMA, we are all back to work and have exciting plans for the coming year. Joining us this year is our brand-new Project Manager, James Chapman. He will be in charge of the many projects currently starting up at SIHMA, including research on a variety of migration-related topics. James used to work as the...

Like a thriller: Inside the Ethiopian Boiling Pot

Oct 15, 2019
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Photo by Rookie Ape from Unsplash Like in the best tradition of mystery writing, what happened last June in Ethiopia remains wrapped in a steam of fragmentary news and contradictory information. In less than 48 hours a round of attacks and assassinations in the Ahmara region have shocked the country and revived ethnic hostilities while the governmental press reported the killing of General Asamnew Tsige as the epilogue of a failed coup. But what happened really? And was there really...

Magazines’ alert about Afrophobia in South Africa

Sep 09, 2019
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In the May issue of New African Magazine, in the overview of burning issues in the continent, two articles are dedicated to the topic of Afrophobia in South Africa. The sensitive question ‘Why do Africans hate each other?’ is posed. The incidents and intensity of violence against new immigrants in South Africa seems to be increasing. Sadly, it has become a reality of urban poverty that groups of poor black people attack...