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Scalabrini celebration, 1st of June

Jun 02, 2020
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On the 1st of June the Scalabrinian family of Fathers, Sisters, and lay people celebrated Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini (1839-1905). Founder of the catholic congregation of the Scalabrinian Missionaries of St Charles Borromeo in 1887. The Italian Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini was known as “The Apostle of the Catechism” and “The Father of Migrants”. The congregation started assisting Italians who were emigrating to America looking for jobs and a better future. Now it is present all over the world...

The Severe Effect of COVID-19 on Jobs for Migrants and Refugees

May 26, 2020
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Albeit a slower start compared to European countries, COVID-19 has rapidly shown the long-term impact on both health and socioeconomic sectors in African countries. Vulnerable populations, especially migrants and refugees have experienced multiple disadvantages because of the swift imposed lockdown. Many migrants across the continent work in the informal sector, often have family members who rely on remittances, and are not eligible for government aid1. The impact of decreased remittances is, and threatens to be, devastating, for instance...

New intern at SIHMA, Felipa Schmidt

May 19, 2020
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In this peculiar time SIHMA managed to face the quarantine time by starting the collaboration with a new intern that will work for SIHMA remotely from her home country. She was supposed to arrive at the beginning of the year to start her experience as an intern for research and communications, but Covid-19 crisis changed the plans. So we are more than welcome to have Felipa now in our team who will collaborates from Germany for...

Meet the artist of our new graffiti

Apr 14, 2020
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In our previous post we were anticipating the new Graffiti of our building. Our entrance in fact now is welcoming all SCCT’ and SIHMA’ customers with an artwork of a young South African artist, Jared, who represented the essence of welcoming people: an African mother holding her baby. On the mother's arm it is written 'learn dignity': the respect for human dignity is one of the core value of the services offered to migrants and refugees by the...

Uncrowned: The rise and fall of Isabel Dos Santos

Jan 29, 2020
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Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of ex-Angolan president José Eduardo Dos Santos, is actually being investigated for illegal transactions and corruption. She was known as the African Queen, the richest woman in the continent: a true self-made businesswoman, in her own words. For 37 years, while her father ruled Angola, she held the top positions in the statal trade of diamonds and oil and became on of the most influential people in and outside Africa. Following a well-established system of kleptocracy...

A new year... and a new colleague!

Jan 23, 2020
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2020 has officially begun, and we wish everyone a very happy new year! At SIHMA, we are all back to work and have exciting plans for the coming year. Joining us this year is our brand-new Project Manager, James Chapman. He will be in charge of the many projects currently starting up at SIHMA, including research on a variety of migration-related topics. James used to work as the...