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Introduction to AHMR Volume 8 Number 3 September - December 2022

Jan 31, 2023
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The African Human Mobility Review (AHMR) is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed on-line journal created to encourage and facilitate the study of all aspects (socio-economic, political, legislative and developmental) of human mobility in Africa. Through the publication of original research, policy discussions and evidence-based research papers, the AHMR provides a comprehensive forum devoted exclusively to the analysis of contemporaneous trends, migration patterns and some of the most important migration-related... cover 8-3 special issue online.jpg

New year, new beginnings

Jan 10, 2023
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The start of the new year has brought two new members to the SIHMA  team. We are excited to welcome Rachel and Vhuthuhawe. Rachel is the new Head of Research and will actively engage in the activities of SIHMA, which include research and publishing reports, working papers and briefs, our journal (AHMR) and shorter researched blog posts in our Blog on the Move. She will also be heading any research collaborations conducted with SIHMA and the Scalabrini Center... & Vhuthu.jpg

Press Review December 2022

Jan 05, 2023
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National: Postcard from: an immigrant’s tale Chatham House, 02 December 2022 Mistrust of immigrants is common. According to a 2019 Ipsos poll, about half of the people questioned in areas with high immigrant populations thought them ‘dishonest’. This xenophobia appears to be driven by pernicious myths about immigrants. Many also believed that migrants were taking jobs from locals. In fact, World Bank figures show each migrant worker creates about two jobs for locals. There are similar misapprehensions about immigrants being... by Mattias Diesel on Unsplash.jpg

Africa Unite Policy Conference on Migration – 01 December to 02 December 2022.

Dec 13, 2022
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On 1 December 2022, the Southern Africa Migration Network (SAMIN) will hold a regional conference, in partnership with the WITS Mining Institute (WMI) on the importance of promoting evidence-based and people-centred migration policies in contemporary South Africa. This was done through an analysis of mobility-related vulnerabilities, causes, challenges and opportunities. The Southern African Migration Network (SAMIN) is a forum that is made up of a multitude of academia, refugee and migrant rights organisations as well as human rights...

Press Review November 2022

Dec 08, 2022
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National: Kenyans’ visa-free stay in S. Africa comes with costs if one overstays The East African, 10 November 2022 The presidents of South Africa and Kenya resolved a long-standing visa dispute which will now allow Kenyans to visit South Africa visa-free for up to 90 days in a calendar year. South Africans already get free visas on arrival in Kenya, while Kenyans were charged and required to provide proof of sufficient funds...

"Education is Power" film screening

Dec 06, 2022
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