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Determinants of Healthy Aging in Internally Displaced Communities in Nigeria

Jan 12, 2021
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How we age and our health prospects is an issue that concerns everyone, and it is further interesting to look at different populations to assess what factors influence healthy aging. In SIHMA’s African Human Mobility Review Journal Adebayo O.M. Makanju and Hafiz T.A. Khan explore and consider the determinants of Healthy Aging in Internally Displaced Communities in Nigeria.   The article may be summarised... volume 6 number 3 COVER PRINT-3.jpg

December 2020 - Press Review

Jan 07, 2021
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NATIONAL COVERAGE    Xenophobia surges as Covid-19 slams the South African economy  Bloomberg – 12 December 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a tragic toll on the South African economy, and pushed unemployment to a 17-year high. This reality triggered the emergence of widespread xenophobia, as anti-immigrant groups have staged demonstrations to demand for the mass deportation of foreigners. During a protest in Johannesburg, the chairwoman of the South Africa First party, Victoria Mamogobo, requested the deportation of...

Remittances and economic growth: Evidence from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

Jan 06, 2021
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There has, in recent years, been a growing consensus amongst migration scholars and economists around the connection between diaspora and economic development. Yet, only a few studies have actually examined this connection, and their results have not always been conclusive. In our latest edition of the African Human Mobility Review, a joint effort with the University of Western Cape, we published Mulatu F. Zerihun’s research paper titled “Remittances and Economic Growth: Evidence from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda”...

Christine's Internship Reflection

Dec 28, 2020
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SIHMA is extremely grateful to another volunteer who concluded her experience with us, working remotely and in the office in the last three months. She showed persistency, commitment and hard work, and her contribution was essential to us. We wish Christine all the best for her future studies and life, hoping that what she learned on migration and protecting migrants’ rights, can influence and enrich her life.  Here is her internship reflection on the volunteering experience....

A migrant is born

Dec 22, 2020
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We have, over the centuries, done a great disservice to the Biblical challenge of Christmas. We have sadly reduced it to shiny tinsel, Christmas trees, strings of fairy lights and mince pies. All of which are fine in their own way but all of which also blunt us to the sharp challenge of the first Christmas and the politics that that commits us to. This is true for the poor, for the marginalised, for the peoples whose stories... Migrant is Born.png

Post-conflict reconciliation and displacement – Examples from the African context

Dec 15, 2020
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On December 16th, South Africa celebrates its Day of Reconciliation, a public holiday aimed at remembering South African’s conciliatory past. The celebration came into effect in 1995, the same day than the first meeting of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission which marked the transitional process from apartheid to full democracy. The day is about national unity, equality, and dignity for all. In light of reconciliation day, SIHMA considers post-conflict reconciliation and its connection to... (1).png