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MIGRANT CHILDREN - Access to education as a fundamental right for every child, yet in practice is it applicable for unaccompanied migrant minors?

Nov 23, 2021
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Access to the health system, protection of their lives, respect for their privacy, identity and adequate food are some of the rights contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). Although not all countries have ratified the convention after signing it, it is true that the concern for the general welfare of children is established as a key point in the construction of more inclusive and just societies. However, it is also important to...

New interns starting at SIHMA, from the University of Valencia

Nov 16, 2021
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In the last two months SIHMA started a collaboration with the University of Valencia and had the opportunity to receive three interns from its International Master’s in Migration Programme. Nicolette was the first student who started her internship at our Cape Town office on the 27th of September, and on the 10th of November Marzia and Ángela also joined SIHMA’s team. Our students chose Scalabrini Institute... and Angela1.jpg

Two-day training session at SIHMA Legal Clinic St. Patrick La Rochelle

Nov 09, 2021
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The SIHMA Legal Clinic at St. Patrick La Rochelle has had a good start since its establishment in September 2021, and it is already setting a very high standard in its operation and mission. The Legal Clinic was established with the mission to promote and protect the rights of human trafficking survivors through providing legal services, advocacy and networking. Besides this, the work that is done in the clinic also involves producing rich research that will help shape... TRANING JHB 2021.png

October 2021 - Press Review

Nov 04, 2021
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NATIONAL COVERAGE   Survival of the fittest: What does climate change mean for the future of South Africa's youth? News24 - 05/10/2021 Global warming is having visible effects all over the world and the impact will not only be visible at the environmental level but will also have consequences that will affect health and socio-economic levels. While migration between regions is already occurring due to increased...

Analysing the Complexities of the Case Management of Unaccompanied Minors from the point of view of social workers at the Polokwane Child and Youth Care Centres

Nov 02, 2021
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Social intervention with minors generally requires a more sensitive and comprehensive approach due to the special vulnerability of this segment of the population. The protection and care of minors is a delicate process. This is why the work structured around achieving a balance in the different areas of children's vital development is of great importance. If we add the migratory element to this special vulnerability, we can affirm that a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach most likely will be...

St Patricks La Rochelle Health Centre

Oct 28, 2021
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Kick-off 1st August 2021 seen us off to an excellent start. Our Office Administrator joined us and, together with Fr. Filippo and James, we have seen this much anticipated project get off the ground [1]. In a meeting held between the three, there is one thing that stood out: as articulated by Fr Filippo all efforts were made to ensure that the place was presentable, clean, beautiful, and conducive for those that were being...