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SIMN Webinar 'Social Media Management with a political approach'

Oct 27, 2021
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As part of the SIMN Webinar Series, SIMN team  invited  us to their next event called "SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT WITH A POLITICAL APPROACH", which aims to provide a solid introduction to social networks and assertive communication tools with a political approach, to connect with the audiences and strengthen our work and promotion.The event will take place on November 1, 2021, at 5:00 pm (South African time).The participation is extensive for all the members of local...

Economic and Risk Perceptions Motivating Illegal Migration Abroad: Port Harcourt City Youths, Nigeria

Oct 26, 2021
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The latest edition of the African Human Mobility Review (AHMR) can now be found online on SIHMA’s website. The peer-reviewed journal contains five papers related to migration in Africa. This article will address the topic in one of the journal’s papers, entitled ‘Economic and Risk Perceptions Motivating Illegal Migration Abroad: Port Hartcourt City Youths, Nigeria’ [1]. The paper’s main objective is to “…investigate and understand the economic and risk perceptions that motivate Port Harcourt City (PHC) youths to...

The mission is now: Fr. Constant and Fr John, new Scalabrinians in Cape Town

Oct 19, 2021
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In the picture, Fr. Constant Munkala on the left and Fr John Kawisha on the right.    The Scalabrinian community in Africa is growing, two new recently ordained missionaries, Fr. Constant Munkala and Fr John Kawisha, arrived in Cape Town this month and SIHMA wants to take the opportunity to welcome them and introduce them to the all team.  In the deepest level of human being we encounter the desire to share experiences...

Welcome to Nicolette, our new intern at SIHMA office in CT

Oct 13, 2021
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SIHMA is extremely pleased to welcome another intern, Nicolette Pérez Verwer, to our team. Nicolette will work with the team at the Cape Town Office for the next three months. She will contribute to communications and research, while learning more on migration, refugees’ and migrants’ rights, and on human mobility thoughout Africa. Nicolette’s internship will be a precious contribution to SIHMA’s mission to conduct and disseminate information about research that contributes to the understanding of human mobility and informs...

SIHMA’s New Partner in Sierra Leone

Oct 12, 2021
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For SIHMA, involvement in projects across the African Continent in different areas related to migration is always a source of new perspectives, different working models and enriching humanitarian collaborations. Understanding the different personal contexts of each migrant is important when developing protection and intervention projects with the most vulnerable populations. For this reason, SIHMA's collaboration with different institutions seeks to reinforce the fabric of stability and development that all social actors are working to build. Although... Image 2021-10-08 at 20.11.24.jpeg

September 2021 - Press Review

Oct 07, 2021
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  NATIONAL COVERAGE   Refugees in Cape Town giving up hope of home affairs or police assistance, would rather leave SA Daily Maverick -  29/09/2021 After two years of sitting-in and protesting outside the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) office in Cape Town, about 800 refugees have moved back into their communities. The refugees were protesting against xenophobia in South Africa and demanding UNHCR assist and send them to a different...