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South Africa – Sweden University Forum (SASUF): Migration and Mobilities

May 14, 2019
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On 7 May, 2019, the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) Research Niche in Migration and Mobilities hosted a special satellite event for the South Africa-Sweden Research and Innovation Week, with the South Africa-Sweden University Forum (SASUF). SASUF is a collaboration between 36 universities in Sweden and South Africa with goals to “strengthen ties between South Africa and Sweden in research, education, and innovation” and to “connect universities with funding agencies, industry, ministries, and society in working towards...

Women are migrating to follow their aspirations

Dec 11, 2018
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As of 2017, the total number of international migrants is estimated at around 258 million of which 48 percent are women. The term feminization of migration indicates an increase in the percentage of female migrants and refers to women who migrate independently. Scholars debate whether the feminization of migration is a new phenomenon or not. Some argue that women have always migrated but their movements were of less interest to academics. Between 1960 and 2015, the female share...

Caught in a Catch-22: Child Migrants in South Africa – Are short-term plans and implementation gaps putting foreign children at risk?

Jun 13, 2017
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In 2004, a court case brought by the Centre for Child Law reflected the severe challenges and restrictions that children face in the South African migration landscape. Responding to the detention of over 100 children at Lindela, including some who were illegally held with adults, the Pretoria High Court ruled that such detention of minors was unlawful and a shameful transgression against the children’s rights and interests. In spite of this, approximately 50 children have been discovered at Lindela since...

Migration-Security Nexus vs Migration-Development nexus. Is decolonization of migration a third way?

Jun 13, 2017
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The shift towards the securitization of migration is complete and this is not a news. However, so far, the debate around security and migration has involved countries in the Global North, while on the African continent discussions have privileged the migration for development paradigm and its agenda. Nonetheless, the security paradigm is gaining consensus amongst African states, some of which receive financial aid from the European Union to stop irregular migration. Countries such as Niger, Ethiopia and Sudan have put in place interventions aiming...