SIHMA | Scalabrini Institute For Human Mobility In Africa

Lola Verkuil

My name is Lola, I’m 23 years old and I come from the Netherlands. I have been a research intern at SIHMA for five months, from October 2019 to March 2020. Before I came to SIHMA, I had just graduated with two master’s degrees in International Development and Anthropology. I decided that I wanted to gain some more hands-on experience in research – preferably abroad – before I would find a full-time job in the Netherlands. Since I had some experience with researching migration and I wanted to gain a different perspective on the matter, SIHMA was the perfect place for me to go.

The things that I have experienced and learned at SIHMA are very valuable to me. Not only did I gain professional experience within the NGO and research sector – in which I wish to further my career – but I also gained an interesting perspective on the phenomenon of migration. In Europe, there is a very specific narrative on migration, and it is a major topic of discussion and debate. I was intrigued to see how migration is dealt with on the African continent and am glad to have gained a ground-up perspective of the migrants’ experience. After having worked at SIHMA, I hope to continue the work to promote the rights and dignity of migrants and refugees all over the world.

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