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The African Observatory for Migration and Development: for the benefit of whom?

Jun 13, 2017
Categories: Discussion

During the 28th summit of the African Union (AU), as soon as Morocco returned to the AU after thirty years of absence, the country’s sovereign, King Mohammed VI, was appointed Africa’s leader for migration. Part of this decision was based on the positive development of the 2013 Moroccan policy on national immigration and asylum which aimed at regularizing the situation of many migrants and which benefited 25,000 migrants in 2014 alone. The King started working towards an African Agenda on...

EU-Africa Relations on Migration: What future?

Jun 12, 2017
Categories: Discussion

Over the past ten years, broadly under the auspices of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES), regional migration dialogues between the EU and the AU have intensified for the purposes of improving cooperation and making a well-managed migration a tool for development. However, the EU has pursued an agenda driven mainly by an interest in reducing irregular movements and transferring control over the governance of migration policies to European states. Intra-regional migration dialogues and regional consultative migration processes led by groups...