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Press Review June 2019

Jul 04, 2019
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NATIONAL COVERAGE Landmark court ruling gives refugees’ status in South Africa 25 June 2019 The Western Cape High Court has given a crucial lifeline to refugee families from across Africa who have sought asylum in South Africa for many years. As reported by EWN, on Wednesday, 19 June, the court ruled in favour of the University of Cape Town’s Refugee Rights Unit, allowing refugee families access to documentation that...

Press Review May 2019

Jun 06, 2019
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NATIONAL COVERAGE How Xenophobia Has Become Normalized in South African Politics 21 May 2019 Anti-immigrant rhetoric has steadily seeped into mainstream political discourse in South Africa, where immigration has long been a contentious issue as the country is a primary destination for migrants from across the African continent. In the general election earlier this month, both major political parties, the ruling African National Congress and the opposition Democratic Alliance, advocated stricter...

Press Review April 2019

May 02, 2019
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NATIONAL COVERAGE Africa: How common are xenophobic attacks? 7 April 2019 A group of unemployed men attacked Malawian migrants living in the South African city of Durban at the end of March. It followed a recent spate of other incidents in the city during the month, prompting leaders from the three main parties to condemn attacks on foreign nationals. The upsurge in violence has become a charged...

Press Review March 2019

Apr 04, 2019
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NATIONAL COVERAGE South Africa’s Archbishop Buti challenges consciences with his Lenten message 2 March 2019 The Archbishop of Johannesburg, Buti Joseph Tlhagale, in his Lenten message, has made a passionate appeal to the faithful of the Archdiocese and to South Africans, in general, to become more welcoming of strangers. He proposes that during the Season of Lent, the words of Scripture, “I was a stranger, and you made me welcome,” found...

Press Review January 2019

Feb 04, 2019
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NATIONAL COVERAGE Could South Africa cope with a Migration Crisis like that of Syria?  18 January 2019 The scenario of a Zimbabwean migration may be the result of the current crisis in that nation. If it happens, is South Africa’s government ready to respond? Have they drawn from the lessons of the Syrian catastrophe? Full report:   #StopXenophobia in all its guises review sihma jan 2019.jpg