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‘Denied Access’ – Movie Screening

Mar 26, 2019
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On the 19th of March, a documentary screening was held at Scalabrini Centre, showing the movie ‘Denied Access’. The documentary, launched by the Jesuit Institute South Africa (JI) in December 2018, discusses forced migration in South Africa. The movie is sponsored by the Society of Jesus in South Africa and JI, as part of their joint social agenda. At the screening at Scalabrini Centre were also present one of the makers of the movie, Ricardo Da Silva, and...

SACBC Workgroup on Migrants and Refugees

Mar 19, 2019

In 2018, the Workgroup’s meeting, organized by the South Africa Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) Office for Migrants and Refugees, took place in Johannesburg on the 20th of February and the 17th of September. Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees within the conference territory is coordinated by a multidisciplinary Team, including SIHMA, Jesuit Refugee Service, Caritas, The Catholic Parliamentary Office, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Directors of Pastoral care of South African Dioces and various refugee consortiums. The... & Ref National meeting 2019.jpg

Press Review February 2019

Mar 07, 2019
Categories: press review

NATIONAL COVERAGE South Africans are not welcoming to foreign nationals, summit hears 20 February 2019 JOHANNESBURG – The South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Tuesday held a summit at the Constitution Hill to explore if South Africans were welcoming to refugees as stipulated in the White Paper. South Africa’s asylum and refugee system is under...

Birth Certificate and Access to Education – Round Table

Mar 05, 2019

On the 27th of February, this Round Table provided many people and organisations working with undocumented minors residing in South Africa with the opportunity to share about their situation and their Constitutional right to education. Unfortunately, we assist too many cases of children who have been refused permission to attend schools because they do not have a birth certificate. This Round Table, which was co-hosted between SIHMA and CPLO and funded by CEI, was addressed by Ms Sindi...

Roundtable on "Manufacturing Illegality"

Feb 19, 2019
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On the 5th of March, CPLO organized an event to discuss the report on Manufacturing Illegality, written by SIHMA researchers and funded by Hanns Seidel Foundation. The report explores the development of new asylum seeker policy aimed at curtailing asylum seekers’ right to work in South Africa, whilst they away the finalisation of claims, and what the country can learn from similar policy developments in the European Union. The event was addressed by the three co-authors/researchers of the report:...

My experience at SIHMA - Licia

Feb 05, 2019
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I studied for an MA in Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and applied for this internship with SIHMA to fulfil my study requirements. I was thrilled to have this opportunity because I believed, and I still do, that European institutions focus a lot on migration towards Europe while they tend to disregard migration flows in the rest of the world, especially South-South migration. Thanks to my internship with SIHMA, I was able...