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SIHMA Annual Report 2021

Published by: SIHMA

"By presenting this Annual Report 2021 of the Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa, we deliver our own work and mission into the hands of those who read it. In these pages you will find numbers, ideas and concepts, but also and above all, people with their intricate stories, families that separate and reunite, nations made of cultures and history that make the various graphs and articles alive and real, that give flesh and blood to an apparently dry and impersonal work. Here in Africa in particular, this work sometimes clashes with the fatigue of collecting and sharing data, of drawing up exhaustive frameworks, of chasing a reality that is always on the move, like migrants themselves. But it also has the flavour of a young and dynamic land, enthusiastic and stubborn in launching itself into new challenges, struggling but determined in facing its structural weaknesses. We are always driven by the desire to understand and interpret human mobility, putting ourselves at the service of those who, along the way, get left behind or injured and ask for support to get back on the road."


Message from the Director

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SIHMA Annual Report 2021