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Africans on the move – English Version

Published by: Edited by Fabio Baggio

Human mobility plays an important role in the history of the African continent. Over the past decades, migration trends and patterns have modified due to the globalization of the labour market and the socio-economic and political transformations which have affected most African societies. For many sending countries labour migration represents a strategy to support livelihoods and reduce poverty. Climate change, natural disasters and crises undermining the political stability of African states have generated large numbers of refugees. This publication contains an analysis of four-country profiles on human mobility in Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and South Africa. It reflects relevant data and trends concerning migration and asylum flows, identifies government agencies, academic institutions and civil society groups dealing with migrants and refugees in the listed countries. The study also provides a critical assessment of the migration and asylum governance and points out some relevant research gaps and areas for further research.

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Africans on the move – English Version