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SIHMA's Collaborations in the Academic Field

Mar 01, 2022
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At SIHMA, the vision and the line that guides our work is based on the defence of the human rights of people on the move. With the idea of ensuring their dignity and access to the fundamental resources to develop their life projects, SIHMA focuses part of its activity on research.   OUR OBJECTIVE IN ESTABLISHING COLLABORATIVE NETWORKS: Knowing the different contexts of the people, delving into the different perspectives of each migratory process and identifying... (1).jpeg

Welcoming the New Interns in our Johannesburg Health Center

Feb 22, 2022
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SIHMA would like to give a big, warm welcome to our interns in Johannesburg. The Health Center in La Rochelle, Johannesburg, received 2 interns in December. Mariacristina Rossi and Renato Tidei will be with us for the next few months. They've been in the Scalabrini family for quite some time and are looking forward to sharing, contributing and learning from the work we do at the Health Center.  Below are their biographies:

Ángela's Internship Reflection

Feb 15, 2022
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In the first week of February SIHMA had to say goodbye to two interns from the University of Valencia. Ángela and Marzia joined SIHMA in November and their internship ended on the 4th of February. Although Ángela is not a regular English speaker, she did not let this deter her and always gave 100% when completing a task. SIHMA is thankful for the time Ángela has dedicated to the work we do, and we wish her all...

SIHMA Health Center Volunteers Reflect on their Work so far

Feb 08, 2022
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Our Health Centre in Johannesburg welcomed 2 volunteers in December- Mariacristina and Renato. Together they've written a brief summary of the work they've done with the Health Centre so far, as well as highlight the stark difference between the health system in the West versus here.  Here is the reflection on their journey...

Marzia’s experience at SIHMA

Feb 01, 2022
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In the next week, we’ll be saying goodbye to our second group of interns from the University of Valencia. Marzia joined SIHMA in November, along with Angela, and will be with us until the 4th of February 2022. She was instrumental in many of our social networking engagements and research projects, developing her interest in the issues that affect people on the move. SIHMA is thankful for the time Marzia has dedicated to the work we do, and we...

Victoria's reflection on her internship at SIHMA

Jan 25, 2022
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SIHMA’s team would like to thank the excellent job and contribution of our Intern Victoria, who finished her in person experience at the Cape Town Office last December. She really helped in many communication and research projects, dedicating her time in sharing knowledge and passion for human rights and migration. We are grateful for her presence and we wish she can pursuit her goals and studies in the humanitarian field.  Here is her reflection at the... TESTIMONIAL BLOG POST.png