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AHMR Volume 7 Number 2 May-August 2021

Published by: Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa

This issue consists of five articles. The first article by Aklilu Asha and Matlou Nkwana is entitled “Complexities in the Case Management of Unaccompanied Minors: Perceptions of Social Workers Practicing in the Polokwane Child and Youth Care Centres”. Using a rights-based approach as a theoretical framework, this empirical research probes the underlying factors that make the administration of unaccompanied children challenging. ... The second article by Terry-Ann Jones and Tamara Last is entitled “European Immigrants in Johannesburg: Perceptions, Privileges and their Implications for Migration Experiences”. The research examines the experiences of privileged migration and strategies adopted by European immigrants to navigate South Africa’s immigration regime. ... The third article by Joseph Inyama is entitled “Economic and Risk Perceptions Motivating Illegal Migration Abroad: Port Harcourt City Youths, Nigeria”. The study adopted a qualitative research methodology to collect data from Port Harcourt City youths on the lived experiences of irregular migrants in selected countries abroad. ... The fourth article by Fatima Khan and Mikhail Kolabhai is entitled “Bureaucratic Barriers to Social Protection for Refugees and Asylum Seekers during the COVID-19 Disaster in South Africa”. The COVID-19 pandemic represents a major public health challenge with serious economic and social impacts. This research considers the situation of refugees and asylum seekers during the pandemic, as well as their social protection status. ... The fifth article by Paul Asquith, Richard Neetzow, Julia von Freeden and Paul Schütze is entitled “The Link between Documentation Status, Occupation Status, and Healthcare Access for African Migrants: Evidence from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa”. With the objective to examine the link between registration status, employment or occupation status, gender, and (perceptions of) access to healthcare, empirical data was collected from three selected countries in East, West and Southern African regions. ...

With effective presentations, good organization, and critical argumentation, the writers have created analytical and scientific research outcomes. I believe that the African Human Mobility Review, Volume 7, Number 2, 2021, will be a useful resource for researchers, practitioners, and students.

from the Editorial

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