Accra Workshop, February 2019


Centre for Migration Study University of Ghana - Accra (Ghana), 20 February 2019

The workshop took place in Ghana at the Centre for Migration of Accra University, whose Director Prof. Joseph Teye and dott. Maria Setrana have previously collaborated with SIHMA. We selected this country because we already have networks and partners and because we know mobility is often a regional affair and migrants tend to move within the same region, even if this assumption can be reductive and simplistic since the overall intensity of intra-African international migration has remained stable in recent years (around 2% of the population) and migration between African sub-regions have increased. The volume remains stable, as there is a trend in diversity of destination and geographical reach, and also as there are less barriers and obstacles to movements. The main purpose of this seminar was twofold: to identify research priorities in West Africa and to select papers to be published in a special issue of African Human Mobility Review.

You can find the articles of the authors who attended the workshop in this issue of AHMR.

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