General Introduction to Human Mobility (ENG)

This course aims to provide the essentials for the study and understanding of the phenomenon of migration for those who are approaching this field for the first time for work, study or simply for personal interest.

Historical and structural elements of migration, terminology of the subject, description of the main a, interdisciplinary dimension of human mobility (social studies, politics and defence, economics).

It consists of several modules including lectures, multimedia contributions, group work. It can also be conducted online with a selected number of participants.

The programme covers the following topics: 

  • Fundamentals of human mobility: terminology, topics and dynamics of migration, data
  • An interdisciplinary approach: the political, economic and social dimensions of the movement of people and goods
  • The framework of migration in Africa and [specific Region]
  • Migration: beyond stereotypes, prejudices and cultural barriers
  • Narratives of human mobility in the African context: media, art and literature
  • Towards an ethics of migration: respect for the individual and a holistic approach to the human dimensions of the subject