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Unintended Consequences for Exclusions

Published by: David Simonsz and edited by James Chapman and Lee Anne de la Hunt

SIHMA’s new research paper series is entitled the Advocates’ Migration Brief and addresses recent judicial decisions relating to people on the move. The first paper in the series is entitled Unintended Consequences for Exclusions, and explores the application of exclusion provisions in the South African context. This first paper in the series convers an aspect of international and domestic refugee law being exclusion from refugee status. In the refugee status determination process, it is important to establish whether a person falls within the definition of a refugee to receive protection from the host state. Some individuals though might meet the requirements of one or more definition but may nevertheless be excluded from protection because they may be considered to not be deserving of or in need of protection. Reed more here: Download Briefing Paper:
Unintended Consequences for Exclusions