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A Journalist’s Guide Report on Migration in South Africa

The Journalist’s Guide Report on Migration Issues in South Africa is a must-have for anyone interested in journalism. Edited by organizations such as Scalabrini Center, African Centre for Migration and Society, Sonke Gender Justice, Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in SA and many others, the guide aims to provide a reliable resource covering the main problems related to migration issues in South Africa. Besides valuable information, the guide also suggests an ethical way of writing for journalists, editors, and media to avoid any misunderstandings between nationals and foreigners.

Anyone interested in a deep analysis of the problems related to migration can find some precious material to read and use, such as  Pitch ideas, resources that will improve the way stories are told and also a tool-kit on reporting on migration in South Africa. Key terms, such as Refugee, Asylum-Seeker, Migrant, Xenowatch, and Xenophobia are clearly defined for better use and understanding. As recent facts have proved, words can be as dangerous as weapons as they can encourage violence or spread stereotypes that are far from reality, when they are not used properly. This is why the guide insists on offering some strategies to promote facts and data results more objectively, to offer readers articles depicting facts as accurately as possible.

A useful tool both for those who work in the journalist realm, but also for readers looking for better information to understand the most burning issues.

You can find the guide at the following link: Reporting on migration in South Africa A Journalist’s guide


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