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World Day of Social Justice: A Call to Uphold the Rights of Migrants and Refugees in Africa

Feb 20, 2024
Categories: Migration in Africa

Today the international community observes the World Day of Social Justice. It is a day dedicated to promoting efforts to universally ensure fundamental rights, employment opportunities, social protections, and constructive social dialogue. As the world confronts injustice, labor insecurity, inequality, and global crises,  it is essential to consider migrants and refugees in the African context, where millions cross borders seeking safety and opportunity. Migration is intrinsic to the continent's history, culture, and socio-economic fabric. Yet, the narrative surrounding migration in...

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Multilation (FGM): Safeguarding the Rights of Migrant Women and Girls

Feb 06, 2024
Categories: Gender and migration

Today, the world observes the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Multilation (FGM), a practice which is internationally recognized as a human rights violation, given its severe consequences on the health, well-being, and dignity of women and girls. While FGM is a global issue, it is crucial to understand its intersectionality with migration in order to address the unique challenges it poses to the rights and safety of women on the move.  FGM is...

February Press Review

Feb 01, 2024
Categories: press review

International “Not the France I Imagined” Human Rights Watch, 30 January 2024 A Human Rights Watch report highlights the plight of unaccompanied migrant children in Marseille, France, who face delays in age assessments, leading to negative outcomes that result in evictions and life on the streets. The report emphasizes the physical and mental health toll on these children, with many experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms, difficulty accessing healthcare, and delays in education enrollment. The prolonged legal limbo also has implications for...

The Economic Power of Migration

Jan 30, 2024
Categories: Migration Policies

Migration is a phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of human history, shaping societies and cultures into what we see today. As governments across the world increase restrictions on human mobility and intensify xenophobic rhetoric, it is essential to understand the positive impact of migration, particularly on the economies of host countries.  A common narrative surrounding migration falsely asserts that foreigners hurt national workers, burden taxpayers and public services, and threaten public safety. However, numerous...

THROUGH THEIR EYES: Migrant Narratives from the Rainbow Nation

Jan 23, 2024
Categories: Migrants Migration in Africa

In the heart of Cape Town, at Bertha House in Mowbray, an impactful event unfolded on the 18th of January 2024, bringing together diverse voices, experiences, and narratives. The event, titled "THROUGH THEIR EYES: Migrant Narratives from the Rainbow Nation," was a collaborative effort aimed at shedding light on the journeys, challenges, and successes of migrants living in South Africa. Organized by the Migration for development and equality (MIDEQ), in collaboration with the Royal Holloway University of London, ICT4D Collective,...

Exploring Regional Bodies in Africa and their Impact on Migration

Jan 16, 2024
Categories: Migration in Africa Migration Policies

The African continent is host to various regional bodies working towards common goals, including addressing the challenges of migration. In this blog post, we have identified key regional organizations in Africa and explore how they contribute to shaping migration policies, fostering cooperation, and upholding the rights and dignity of migrants and refugees. African Union (AU): At the heart of African collaboration is the African Union, a continental organization aiming to promote unity and solidarity among African nations. The AU's involvement...