Shimelis Gulema

Having previously taught at Addis Ababa University (1991-2003), Shimelis Bonsa Gulema joined the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he completed his doctoral studies. Currently, he teaches at African history, politics and development at Stony Brook University in New York (SUNY). A member of different research fora (Book-Review Editor for the H-Horn, part of H-Net Africa, being one), Dr. Gulema’s research interests and engagements include the study of ideologies, practices, and identities (such as urbanization, migration, transnationalism, modern state-nation formations), in both colonial and post-colonial contexts, and has published a number of works along these lines including “A History of Kistane Migration to 1974” Azania: Journal of the British Institute in Eastern Africa. Vol. XXXVI-XXXVII. 2001-2002. 172-186 and “City as Nation: Imagining and Practicing Addis Ababa as a Modern and National Space,” North East African Studies, 13:1, 2013 (167-214).