Review: SIHMA/CPLO Seminar 3 Towards a regional integrated migration regime: A future perspective – 3 September 2014

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Tags: Border Crossing economic migrants migration managment migration policy South Africa southern Africa undocumented migration

SIHMA Seminar #3 Meeting Summary notes MiWORC Report1_A region without borders MiWORC PolicyBrief 1_ A region without borders

Luca Marin
Luca Marin(Centre for Study on International Migration, Paris)

Roni Amit
Roni Amit (African Centre for Migration and Society, University of the Witwatersrand)

Christopher Nshimbi
Christopher Nshimbi (Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, University of Pretoria)


Father Peter-John Pearson (Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office)

Download the summary of SIHMA/CPLO Seminar 3

Review the MiWORC reports A region without borders? Policy frameworks for regional labour migrations towards South Africa and Policy Brief: A region without borders?

Tags: Border Crossing    economic migrants    migration managment    migration policy    South Africa    southern Africa    undocumented migration   

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