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Image credit: Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa


Immigrants disheartened by treatment they receive in SA 24 May 2018

Cape Town – Miranda Madikane, who directs the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (SCCT), which offers development and welfare programmes to the migrants, says the landscape for refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa has not changed over the years. On the eve of Africa Day celebrations, associations assisting African immigrants living in South Africa say immigrants feel as though they’re still struggling for liberation, in a country which treats them as foreign. Madikane says immigrants aren’t offered any protection by the government and they suffer as a consequence.

No security at Home Affairs in Cape Town 25 May 2018

Refugees and asylum seekers say that the Home Affairs offices on the Foreshore in Cape Town are more chaotic than ever since security vanished from the facility. It is not unusual for refugees to experience poor service and mistreatment and to queue from 5am‚ but in the past week they say things have become even worse. Asylum seekers come to renew their papers; refugees arrive to collect IDs‚ apply for passports and register children and relatives. But in the absence of security to show people which queue to join‚ people are left confused. There is also no one to maintain order in the queues or to prioritise mothers with babies and small children.

Mother of teen soccer player suing home affairs tells her story to MPs 29 May 2018

A mother of a 13-year-old boy, who is suing home affairs in South Africa for denying him the opportunity to attend two international soccer tournaments as a result of being issued the wrong travel documents, broke down in Parliament on Tuesday. Last year, George’s plight made headlines, after which deputy home affairs minister Fatima Chohan stepped in, handing George travel documents for a school soccer tournament in Thailand. When George arrived at the airport, he was prevented from boarding the plane, as his travel papers said he was a South African, but the barcode in the document said he was Congolese.

OPINION: How can we celebrate Africa Day while in the shackles of Afrophobia? 25 May 2018

Walking on the streets of downtown Joburg you are compelled to be alert and ready. Groups of people with no other identification except for bibs that read “community safety” aggressively pounce on suspected foreigners, grabbing men, women, children demanding “asylum” and money with threats of arrest or even deportation. These people are not immigration officers. They do not have the training or equipment to verify the legitimacy of a document. If one refuses to cooperate they go as far as to lift your sleeve to check for the South African vaccination marks.

Putting the sad plight of ‘Refugees’ on centre stage 22 May 2018

This Africa month, the South African State Theatre presents a hard-hitting play, Refugees, that shines a light on the humiliating realities of the journey of refugees in Africa. The play follows people reduced to statistics trapped in a refugee camp. It takes audiences through personal stories of refugees, expressing their pain, sadness, soul searching, hope and questioning, exploring the power of religion and spirituality. It questions the state of freedom. How close are we to being free? The story is told through movement, song, images and narration.

Can South Africa celebrate Africa Month? 25 May 2018

We need to reflect more as we embrace Africa Month as to why and how xenophobia is fuelled in our country. The sad reality is that inflammatory comments by those in positions of power, both politically and socially, have incited division and violence. This is accompanied by the enforcement of policies that seek to almost “criminalise” migrants and asylum seekers in South Africa. The xenophobic violence and the bloodshed of May 2008 remains a scar which should be carried with shame by every South African and our government.


‘Hero’ Malian migrant saves child from Paris balcony 11 May 2018

Without a thought for his own safety, Mamoudou Gassama took just seconds to reach the child in a spectacular rescue captured on film and viewed millions of times on social networks. A young Malian man was hailed a hero on Sunday after he sprang into action to save a four-year-old child hanging from a fourth-floor balcony by single-handedly scaling the facade of the building and hauling the youngster to safety.

Kenyan refugee camp to host historic TEDx Conference  25 May 2018

A refugee camp in Kenya is set to make history next month by hosting the first-ever TEDx event, an offshoot of the global conference on ideas popularly known as TED Talks. TEDxKakuma Camp at the Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya will take place on 9 June and is set to be livestreamed, the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, said.

This Is What Lagos Could Look Like in 2115 7 May 2018

Africa Is Not a Refugee Camp, the exhibition showing at the Architekturmuseum der TU München, warns viewers about what they will not see. Curator Mpho Matsipa notes that “there are expectations that are set when people go to see exhibitions about Africa.” But in this case, instead of the widely trumpeted narrative of a continent in dire need of developmental aid, this exhibition actively reimagines African cities and presents ideas that touch on themes of migration, architecture, and Afrofuturism.

In religious Bnei Brak, Haredim show compassion for African asylum seekers 27 May 2018

The African asylum seeker issue may have faded from the headlines since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled forced deportations last month, but hundreds are still waiting hours each day under the hot sun in a trash-filled compound in Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv in order to renew their temporary visas. Disgusted by the conditions, a small group of religious activists in the neighborhood has taken it upon themselves to organize shade, bathrooms and chairs for the waiting crowd.


Governments Look Towards Second Draft of Migration Compact  22 May 2018

NEW YORK – A number of states have concluded the fourth round of negotiations on the global compact on migration, with discussions addressing various scenarios of return, references to international cooperation, and employer-sponsored migration, among other issues. A second revised version of the compact is expected to be produced shortly. Permanent Representative of Mexico Juan José Gómez Camacho and Permanent Representative of Switzerland Jürg Lauber serve as co-facilitators for the intergovernmental negotiations on the compact, which are mandated to conclude in July. The fourth round took place from 14-18 May 2018, in New York, US.

Immigrants crucial for Canada’s economic growth: think-tank 16 May 2018

A pro-business think tank has issued a report showing that if Canada were to shut its doors to immigrants completely, its labour force and economic growth would shrink significantly. Canada is unlikely to stop immigration, but a senior researcher with the Conference Board of Canada says that “building this scenario helps us better understand  the contributions of newcomers to Canada’s economy.”






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