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Image credit: Scalabrini Institute for Human Mobility in Africa


Refugee organisations take Home Affairs to court for defying judges 10 May 2018

The Legal Resources Centre, representing the Scalabrini Centre (pictured above), Trustees of Scalabrini Centre and Somali Association of South Africa, is seeking to compel Home Affairs to comply with two court orders.

WATCH: Documentary examines plight of refugees in SA 4 May 2018

A new documentary that traces how refugees in South Africa battle to overcome administrative obstacles is making waves. The film was created by the Scalabrini Centre, an organisation that assists refugees and asylum-seekers. “We are a service supplier that offers six development and welfare programmes to migrants and local communities. And we have been looking at how the asylum-seekers system has been collapsing for a while, and we decided that people should be shown this,” said the spokesperson for the centre, Miranda Madikane. The documentary, titled Sanctuary Lost, examines the background to the South African Refugees Act, which was implemented in 1998. Critics said the legislation made it more difficult for refugees to be granted asylum.

South African women to help Syrian refugees 7 May 2018

Refugee South African women gathered basic living supplies to distribute to Syrian refugees.Members of the South African Muslim Judicial Council’s (MJC) women’s branch are traveling to the Turkey-Syrian border in order to distribute two containers of aid materials collected from the country’s philanthropists. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, the MJC Women’s branch Chief Muallima Allie said they wanted to extend a helping hand to ease the suffering of Syrian people.

Soccer brings immigrants and South Africans together 10 May 2018

The Obey Mangongo, from Zimbabwe, says soccer helped him form friendships with South Africans in the Dunoon community where he lives.Mangongo, who left Zimbabwe last year in search of work, was one of the players in the soccer and netball tournament organised by Voice of Africa for Change and the Dunoon Youth Forum in Dunoon on Freedom Day.

Facing up to the unfamiliar 10 May 2018

African Ten years ago violence displaced tens of thousands of people across South Africa. More than 60 were killed as houses and shops were looted, burned, and appropriated.Images of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave burning became impossible to unsee. Since then hundreds have died across South Africa at the hands of neighbours, the police, or protesters. Following a pattern now familiar, recent public protests in North West resulted in the burning of shops and a Nigerian. His name was Clement Nwaogu.

Woman had to buy fake permit to get child into school 26 April 2018

No place at school without a study permit, but no study permit without a place in school, complain Zimbabwean parents.Zimbabwean families caught between the departments of Home Affairs and Education are resorting to buying fake documents in order to register their children at schools in South Africa.


Hopelessness and uncertainty a way of life in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp 11 May 2018

Between the rape she suffered during a traumatic return to Somalia, the constant hunger, and the uncertainty of her future in Kenya’s Dadaab camp, Fartun has almost forgotten what hope feels like.Two years ago Kenya’s government said it would close what was at the time the world’s largest refugee settlement. It has failed to do so, but the threat looms over residents, adding a new layer of precariousness to an already tough existence.

African Refugees Arriving in Southern Yemen Continue to Suffer 9 May 2018

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says many refugees arriving in Yemen from Africa continue to suffer from rampant abuse in the southern areas controlled by the Arab country’s ousted government.

UN resumes airlifts of migrants from Libya to Niger 10 April 2018

The United Nations’ refugee agency says it has airlifted 132 vulnerable migrants from Libya to Niger, the first group to be flown out after a two-month halt in such evacuations. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says the group of refugees and asylum-seekers was flown from Tripoli to Niger’s capital, Niamey, on Thursday. UNHCR’s humanitarian evacuation program had been halted in early March amid concerns from Niger’s government that migrants were arriving there faster than previous arrivals could be resettled elsewhere.

How to Start a Technology Revolution for Refugees in East Africa 7 May 2018

that Phil Collins?” I asked as I jumped into a shared matatu taxi to head out with my research team to Rubondo, part of Nakivale refugee settlement in southwestern Uganda. John, our driver, nodded with a smile.“Another Day in Paradise” played on a continuous loop throughout our journey. John is a long-time fan. The song is about the hardship of London’s invisible homeless, standing in stark contrast to the city’s affluence. It seemed a fitting soundtrack to our nine-month research project on how refugees in East Africa use mobile technology and the internet to rebuild their lives, under difficult circumstances and with little outside support.


When Refugees Lead: Conversation with German Politician Omid Nouripou 2 May 2018

The slogan that appeared in Omid Nouripour’s 2017 election campaign posters – “For international peace and harmony” – reflects his international political agenda in Germany’s Federal Parliament. Since first becoming an M.P. in 2006, Nouripour, who represents the Green Party, has been part of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid Committee. He is vocal on issues from the war in Syria and the Iran nuclear deal to dealing with jihadists and racism in Germany. When refugees became a central topic in German politics, it was Nouripour who became the Green Party’s leading voice on migration and integration issues.

‘We know they’re lying’: migrant caravan camps on border as US says it lacks capacity 1 May 2018

As the migrants fled violence-racked homelands and travelled through Mexico towards the US, the fictions grew wilder. They were would-be invaders. A dangerous horde bent on violating US law. Pawns of a liberal conspiracy. Living proof of the need to build a wall. After hours of waiting, eight migrants were allowed to enter the US and lodge an asylum claim – but hundreds remain on the Mexican side of the border.





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