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Africa Sees Rise of Anti-Immigrant Politics 9 August 2018

A new South African political party wants the government to expel all foreigners, claiming they bring crime into the country and are responsible for high unemployment. While it’s unlikely the African Basic Movement party will win big in next year’s general elections, its emergence is a sign, analysts say, that the global wave of nationalist, populist politics has come to the Rainbow Nation. Party leader Thembelani Ngubane says his party, which he started last year, has gained tens of thousands of members and signatories to its petition to deport all foreigners by year’s end. Those numbers could not be verified.

Gay Congolese man’s harrowing journey to reach asylum in South  Africa 10 August 2018

Saadi Ali Tokiti, a 32-year-old gay Congolese man, says that when he tried to report a homophobic assault in June, Manenberg police refused to open a case. He says he was assaulted and his life was threatened by three men on his way to Thembalethu shelter, Cape Town. They made insulting remarks about him being a “weird” person who sleeps with other men. It took Tokiti three months to travel from the DRC through Zambia and Zimbabwe to reach the South African Beitbridge border in July 2017. He had no documentation. He declared that he was seeking asylum because of persecution for his sexual orientation. He says an immigration officer told him: “We don’t want gay men in South Africa. Go back to where you came from.”

Who am I? Citizenship in an age of migration an  arising nationalism 9 August 2018
The notion or idea of “nationality” is rapidly changing in a post-911 world. Restricting the movement of people, apart from those who are wealthy enough to fry on holiday on the beaches of Dubai or the South of France, is going to be one of the key issues of the late 21st Century. Like many, I am a product of economic migrancy and war. My mother and father found themselves in Europe, that genocidal continent, during and after World War II.South Africa has shaped and made me real. I am an older, white, middle-class woman with a sense of agency and privilege and my dealings with officials naturally reflect this. What also helps is my vague knowledge of the law as a result of my job as a journalist and hustler of life.

Is it goodbye to unabridged birth certificates for travel? 12 August 2018

As part of its modernisation programme, the Department of Home Affairs has started upgrading its live-capture system to its offices across the country to enable automation of certain duties, such as unabridged certificates.  “When you apply for the passport of the child, the system will automatically go into the NPR and say these are the parents of the child and print them at the back of the passport. They will no longer need to carry a birth certificate,” said Mkuseli Apleni. Apleni says travellers into South Africa will unfortunately have to carry their children’s birth certificates if the parents details are not printed on the child’s passport. He says they have made suggestions to the international body which manages the issues of travelling globally that children’s passports should have details of the parents.


Zimbabwe opposition leader detained after asylum bid fails 9 August 2018

Senior Zimbabwean opposition figure Tendai Biti was in police custody on Thursday after Zambia rejected his asylum bid and deported him, as fears grew about a government crackdown following Zimbabwe’s disputed election.

Libya’s coast guard says it has intercepted more than 570 refugees bound for Europe 2 August 2018

Libya’s coast guard intercepted 574 refugees bound for Europe from the Mediterranean Sea in a single day, a spokesperson has said. The three groups included 388 men, 66 women and 19 children, a coast guard spokesman, Ayoub Gassim, said in a statement.

Why Are Migrants From the Horn Flocking to War-Torn Yemen? 9 August 2018

In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian and Somali migrants have charted a new route to the Gulf. This is the third part of The Thin Red Line, an African Arguments series focusing on dynamics around the Red Sea.


Bosnian war veteran turns his cafe into free kitchen for migrants 15 August 2018

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, a new thoroughfare on the European migration route, exhausted and demoralized refugees and migrants have found charity and support from a local population that remembers its own hardships in the not-so-distant past. Four months ago, about 70 migrants arrived in the city of Bihać, close to the border with Croatia, and pitched tents in the centre. The mayor, Šuhret Fazlić, suggested they move to the concrete shell of a half-built dormitory on the edge of town.

Germany Reaches Deal With Spain to Return Refugees 8 August 2018

Refugees who come to Germany after entering the European Union through Spain can be turned back at the border under the terms of an agreement between Berlin and Madrid, the German Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. The agreement, which was signed on Monday and will take effect on Saturday, is the first of its kind since June, when an argument over migration and border controls threatened to bring down the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.


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