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New refugee offices for Cape Town 30 January 2018

Portable toilets have been removed at the Cape Town Refugee Office, forcing some refugees to use the filthy grounds outside. But a new refugee office for Cape Town is on the way, says Department of Home Affairs spokesperson David Hlabane. This follows a ruling by the Supreme Court of Appeal last September that Home Affairs must “reopen and maintain a fully functional refugee reception office in or around the Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, by Friday 31 March 2018.”

Protesters forced to deny xenophobia towards Nigerians 23 January 2018

On Monday 23 January 2018, angry Krugersdorp residents took to the streets to bemoan inadequate policing, and the alleged negative influence of ‘illegal’ Nigerian immigrants. A study of migrant entrepreneurs from these countries — and confirmed in the Southern African Migration Programme survey conducted in Johannesburg and Cape Town — found that, contrary to these beliefs, migrant entrepreneurs create jobs for other migrants and South Africans, slightly favouring the employment of South Africans.

Fears grow that xenophobic violence might spread to Pretoria  26 January 2018

“The mere fact that you are not a South African by birth puts you in danger,” said African Diaspora Forum (ADF) chairperson Marc Gbaffou, Pretoria North Rekord reports. Gbaffou was expressing his concern that attacks on migrants could spread to Pretoria. Attacks on foreigners started two weeks ago in Rustenburg when six buildings believed to be owned by Nigerians, and allegedly used as brothels and drug dens were torched.

Again, Nigerians under attack in South Africa 18 January 2018

Four shops and several houses belonging to Nigerians at Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg have been raided and destroyed in South Africa. Cyril James, ward chairman of the Nigerian Union in the area, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the attacks began on January 18.

Refugee beats marriage ban 04 February 2018

A Nigerian pastor who fled religious persecution will finally be able to officially marry his South African sweetheart after the Port Elizabeth High Court this week declared a Department of Home Affairs ban on asylum-seeker marriages unconstitutional.


AU summit 30 – Will Africa allow the free movement of people?  26 Jan 2018

Free movement of people is key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential, but achieving it requires better management of migration. The issue is on the agenda at this week’s African Union (AU) summit in Addis Ababa. Leaders are expected to consider and adopt the Draft Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community on Free Movement of Persons, Right of Residence and Right of Establishment (Free Movement Protocol) and its Draft Implementation Road Map.

Escaping Yemen, 30 refugees drown en route back to Africa 26 January 2018

At least 30 African refugees and migrants drowned off the coast of Yemen this week in a boat operated by smugglers who are reported to have fired on passengers, the United Nations has announced.

Continued abuse of African refugees in Libya feared 23 January 2018

Stripped naked, a man writhes in pain on the floor as heated plastic is dripped on his back. Other men are beaten while their kidnappers discuss ransom money. These are the scenes depicted in graphic new videos that purportedly depict African refugees being abused in Libya.

UNHCR supports vocational training for youth refugees 24 January 2018

He is one of the youth refugees undertaking vocational training at the Youth Centre under the auspices of Plan International at the Mtendeli Refugee Camp, which hosts 45,528 refugees from Burundi. “I’m planning to open my own carpentry workshop to make an income after returning to Burundi when the situation stabilizes,” says Irankunda who fled to Tanzania in the wake of 2015 political quagmire in Burundi.


Can Europe’s new xenophobes reshape the continent? 9 January 2018

From Poland to Austria and Hungary, a new nationalism and hostility to migrants are rife. What does the spread of ‘illiberalism’ mean for the rest of Europe?

Want to learn about African immigrants? Mr. President, meet Africa’s tech sector 22 January 2018

President Trump’s comments about immigrants coming from “s*thole” countries are continuing to stir up a shitstorm internationally. And while the language itself is bad enough, the president and his advisors need to also reboot their assumptions about the African continent — not just for the immigration debate but for U.S. foreign policy considerations.











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