Raul Delgado Wise

Raúl Delgado Wise is UNESCO Chair on migration, development and human rights, professor of the Doctoral Program in Development Studies at the University of Zacatecas (Mexico), President of the International Migration and Development Network, and co-Chair of the Critical Development Studies Network. He is author/editor of 25 books and more than 150 essays, including book chapters and refereed articles. Dr. Delgado has been guest lecturer in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. He received the annual prize for economics research “Maestro Jesús Silva Herzog” in 1993, and is a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, the National System of Researchers, and of several scholarly associations in Canada, the United States, Latin America and Europe. He is editor of the Journal Migración y Desarrollo, member of the editorial committee of several academic journals in the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico, and editor of the journal Migación y Desarrollo and of the book series “Development and Migration” for Miguel Angel Porrúa publisher.