Lothar Smith

Lothar Smith is assistant professor at the Department of Human Geography of the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In research and education he takes a special interest in the globalization-development nexus for the global south, notably where this concerns the migration of people. In this capacity he also coordinates the Human Geography master specialization ‘Globalization, Migration and Development’.

Projects in which Lothar Smith is involved include a capacity building project supporting the development of a migration centre in Ghana to resolve the current imbalance in policy and academic debates on migration; a migration-climate change programme focusing on educational programmes (Lean-CC); the New Indonesian Frontiers programme; Remittances for Community Development, an initiative linking migrants to entrepreneurs in their countries of origin. Case studies: Bangladesh and Ghana; and TRANSCODE, a programme that takes a multi-stakeholder approach in exploring sustainable approaches connecting foreign based migrants, through transnational ties, to local development in the global South.

Recent publications: Transnational, reciprocal multi-stakeholder approaches to the migration-development nexus. Case study: the TRANSCODE programme (forthcoming, in Diversities, special issue on migration-development, co-authored with Baggio and van Naerssen); Gender, Remittances and Development in the Global South (ed. volume, forthcoming, co-edited with van Naerssen, Davids and Marchand); Aspirations to go: Understanding the bounded rationality of prospective migrants from Ghana (forthcoming, chapter in van der Velde & van Naerssen (eds.) Understanding migration: The thresholds approach (working title)); Transnational business investments in Accra: A discontinuity of economic and social affiliations? (2011, chapter in Faist et al. (eds.) The Development-Migration-Nexus: A Transnational Perspective on Changing Paradigms and Organizations); Migrants: suitable brokers of development? In: Development Issue (2009, co-authored with van Naerssen); Migrant investments in houses (2009, in TESG, co-authored with Mazzucato), Remittances versus migrants: disjointed flows in a globalizing world (2008, co-authored with Schapendonk, in Hebinck, Slootweg, & Smith (eds.) Tales of Development: People, Power and Space) and Locating a Ghanaian funeral: Remittances and Practices in a Transnational Context (2006, in Development & Change, co-authored with Mazzucato and Kabki,).