Event date:
21 February 2017
Rome, Italy
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captureScalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) decided to organize its sixth edition of the High-level International Forum on Migration and Peace in Rome next February (21-22). After the previous editions in Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, and Germany this year, the Forum will be focused on Europe. The overall purpose of the International Forum is to stimulate a high-level dialogue on the root causes of migration and to elaborate and propose the best solutions for an ethical approach on the international management of migration as well as the integration of migrants in hosting communities. Particular attention will be devoted to the European migration crisis.
Europe is experiencing an unprecedented mass movement of asylum-seekers and migrants. Indeed, there is a need to find immediate solutions to a crisis that requires careful management; at the same time, it is crucial to seize this opportunity to develop medium- and long-term policies able to unlock the “development benefit of migration”.

The focus will be on both the refugees’ crisis management and the link between development and migration. The sixth edition of the Forum  aims at influencing migration policies and practices in Europe. The 2017 Forum will be structured around two main topics: 1) integration of migrants and refugees in the hosting countries, and, 2) the role of migrants in fostering economic development in the countries of origin.
With regard to the first topic, the Forum intends to explore potential solutions based on best practices in Europe (i.e., the “decentralized reallocation” of migrants in Italy and Germany) and South and North America (i.e., the resettlement practices in Canada, Brazil and Mexico).
With regard to the second topic, the Forum intends to explore how to scale up good practices such as: 1) humanitarian corridors to tackle the humanitarian aspect of the crisis, and, 2) initiatives supporting the use of remittances and other public and private resources to facilitate investments, entrepreneurship and job creation in the countries of origin.