Event date:
05 September 2018
Event date end:
07 September 2018
Gauteng Province
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Charaf Ahmimed, Programme Specialist for the Social and Human Sciences Sector with UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa


International migration is an increasingly prominent theme in public, policy, and scholarly debates. Movements of Africans within and beyond the continent have long been at the margins of these global discussions. In recent years, this has been changing. African mobility is now at the heart of deliberations across Africa and elsewhere. Given the growing global and political interest in African migration and mobility, this conference will provide critical reflection on the state of knowledge, of knowledge production, and the inter-relationship between knowledge production and producers, activism, and policy formation. The three-day event ultimately intends to feed and strengthen the migration academic debate among actors based on the continent, concerned with it, or interested in comparatively engaging its politics, economics, and societies.

With the goal of exploring the linkage between theoretical perspectives on international migration and the implementation of public policies, this event will offer a reflective and critical space to identify and bridge existing gaps between the supply and demand sides of migration data and knowledge-production.

A scientific committee of globally recognised scholars is eliciting inputs from established and emerging researchers within and beyond the academy. While new empirical research is encouraged, selected papers will engage with broader conceptual, methodological, and ethical themes and debates. Particular preference will be for those working topics, regions, or from perspectives that remain marginalized or under-researched.