As a representative of SIHMA, Father Filippo Ferraro will travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a meeting of the African Union on techniques regarding and the future of migration governance. The event will take place from 17 July to 19 July and will feature a technical workshop with countless opportunities for experts in the field of African migration to share their knowledge while simultaneously learning from other conference-goers.

The workshop is designed to promote growth in migration governance as participants review the first draft of a training module crafted by the African Union Commission and GIZ that was published in late June and includes a look at the development of migration policies and the current systems in place for regulating and promoting migration. One of the main goals for the conference is to go over the draft of the training curriculum and provide feedback for future improvements. Ultimately, the work at this conference will contribute to the finalization of the AU Training Curriculum on Migration governance.

Over the three-day workshop, several informative sessions will be held, each focusing on a different aspect of curriculum building and migration policy across the continent of Africa. Consultants, experts in the migration field, have been brought in to lead modules and share their extensive experience with other participants in the workshop, and each session will be followed by a discussion wherein participants can engage with the themes presented. Among them, SIHMA will present on formation activities, and there will also be a training course for agents of migration.

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